Name Our CarbonWorx Dude

The Carbonworx Youth Card can make a difference and help re-forest areas which have been destroyed by man and can reduce\ and offset carbon that has been emitted by cars, plains, trains and fossil fuel burning technology.

You can make a difference by planting and growing a tree. If each of us plant a tree for each year we are at school, just imagine how many trees we can plant and grow by the end of your schooling career.

The CarbonWorx "dude" will be your champion for the environment. He needs a name.

We also want to know from you how you think he should behave and what he should be doing to help.

Also, as part of the launch we would like to hear from you where you would like to use your card.

Fill in the form which can be found at

The winning learner will receive R5,000.00 and the school at which the learner is a pupil will receive R25,000.00.

There will be 2 consolation prizes to the 2nd and 3rd runners up.